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The spring selling season is right around the corner in the Roanoke Valley. Whether we get more warm weather or not, sellers who have been waiting to put their homes on the market are starting to look at the calendar and determine when they’d like to list.

Many buyers are in the Roanoke Valley market right now, and we expect that trend to continue. People who have been looking for a while are eager to close before home prices or interest rates rise. With inventory down, just as we’d expect this time of year, sellers who have prepared their properties for show are getting good prices.

How can you take advantage of the Roanoke Valley spring selling season? I’ve got six next steps for you:

1. Call me.

You thought the first thing on the list would be something like, “declutter.” Well, I’m getting to that, but once you’ve decided to list your home, you really can’t call a Realtor too soon. Even if you’re still working to get the house ready for the market, let’s go ahead and take a look around and start talking about price, condition and the best time to list. We’ll also review any deadlines or obligations you have to make your next move, so I’m aware of the level of urgency you’re feeling about the sale of your home.

2. Assess your home’s curb appeal.

Create some wow factor. Let prospective buyers see your home in its best light from the time they first lay eyes on the property. Make them think, “Wow. It’s just as pretty as the pictures!”

This time of year, you can’t go wrong with some colorful but simple spring landscaping. Be sure your entryway is clean and welcoming. Refresh the paint on your front door, trim and porch if you have to. Create a sitting space out front, especially if you have a view. You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression on a buyer.

3. Clean and declutter.

Here it is. The longer you’ve been in your house, the more stuff you’re likely to have. If you’re downsizing, you’ll have to part with even more. This can be a weeks-long process, but take a weekend now and do a first pass through your home. For each room, fill three boxes: Keep/move, donate, toss. If you’re going to be in between homes for any length of time, you might also need a box for things going into temporary storage.

Furniture should be considered, too. If you have pieces that will hurt your overall presentation, they need to go, if only into storage. When you’re finished with the clutter, hire someone to come deep clean your house top to bottom, including carpets.

4. Consider a home inspection.

You probably have an idea of anything in your house that would catch an inspector’s eye. If you don’t, consider hiring one to go over the house. Then have that work done. It will be less stressful — and maybe even less expensive — if you don’t have to rush to do it after a buyer’s home inspection.

Remember, we’re talking repairs here, not remodeling. A few small upgrades might make a big difference but not always. And before you do anything, let’s run the numbers to make sure you’re going to come out ahead.

5. Depersonalize.

Your 12-year-old daughter’s bright purple bedroom is her favorite thing in the world. To a buyer, it’s a room to be painted. Most buyers want to see your home as close to move-in ready as you can get it. That includes toning down anything that’s over the top. Get a second opinion here and don’t take it personally. It might be hard for you to see the things about your house that could turn buyers off.

6. Act now.

If selling your home is definitely in your future and you want to sell this spring, start preparing. Call me at (540) 353-0123 or email me at Browse my listings here and be sure to like my Facebook page.